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The REACT Lifetime Membership Includes:
Our Most Successful - Proven Training Methods - REACT & CATS.
he Opportunity to Joint Venture with Jon and Stephanie Iannotti.
And work Directly with an Experienced & Highly Successful Team!

As a REACT Team Member - We'll teach You step by step how to complete easy to find deals - and for a 50/50 profit share - We'll work with You throughout the entire Real Estate transaction from the beginning to the end.  In Real Estate as in any Business - It's always a good idea to Work with People that have a Direct Vested Interest in Your Financial Success - it's a Win Win! 

High End Success starts with are our simple Step by Step Training Videos
In These videos - Jon and Stephanie spell out in detail exactly what to do step by step - to start making serious quick money. Every step, every question and every detail is covered in this Video Training.  You can watch these videos as many times as you want - to completely understand this system.  Within 90 minutes of watching this video training - You will be able to take serious productive action.

With Your REACT Lifetime Membership - You'll get Live Weekly Training Calls with Jon Iannotti. In these calls Jon personally teaches You step by step how to quickly flip Real Estate Deals for Serious Profits!

Additional Downloadable Resources include:

200+ Page Instruction Manual

This lays everything out step by step in detail.
This is a written blueprint for success. This REACT manual contains instructions, examples and resources that Members can use to start Flipping Properties the simple way.

Master Agreements
This is one of the key ingredients to this whole process.  Having the right contracts with the proper terms and conditions is critical to your success. Jon has taken his lifetime of experience along with thousands of successful Real Estate transactions, to create the best contracts anywhere.  These are worth their weight in gold.  Simply use these contracts and be confident that you have all the bases covered.

MP3 Audio Recordings
Listen to Jon and Stephanie explain - how to maximize the huge profit potential of the REACT process.

Free Updates to Resources
This is HUGE! It is very common in this industry to charge people every year for new updates. Jon does not play that game. He gives all of the REACT Members FREE updates to all of his REACT Materials and Methods! Anytime he adds a new technique that is proven and currently working, he will send out the updates at no additional cost to you. For those of you that have purchased Guru Real Estate courses and programs - You know exactly how valuable this is!​

What you will learn as a REACT Member:

$ The Six Steps to becoming a Successful Real Estate Investor.

$ How to make money with no credit, no money, and no contractors.

$ How to complete as many deals every month that you want.

​$ How to get the benefits of ownership without owning any houses.

$ How to get Your Own Real Estate Attorney on Your Team for FREE.

​$ How to put it all on 'Cruise Control'.

$ You'll have Lifetime Access to the Entire REACT System and Team!!!

greatly improve your chances of success by Partnering on Real Estate Deals with Jon and Stephanie Iannotti - and using the REACT Method and Team for Real Estate investing!

The REACT Membership also Includes Lifetime Access to:

Our Complete REACT and CATS Training & You get our Highly Successful Joint Venture Support Team with Full Access to Us live on the phone.

Right now as a Holiday Special - Jon and Stephanie Iannotti are
making a special offer for People Ready to Take Action.  You can get the Complete REACT Lifetime Membership for only
$90 a Month!

The $90 a month payments will need to be paid until the total Special Discount price of $2,497 is paid off.
That's less than $4 a day - and You can even pay it off after Your 1st deal if you want to.

Call Us directly at 1-800-883-8599 for Special In-House Payment Pricing!

This is Less than Half of the Regular REACT Lifetime Membership Fee of $5,997 - and it's a tiny fraction of the $350,000 that we've spent in GURU training and the School of Hard Knocks.  Our investment in time and money has enabled us complete over 3,000 Profitable Deals and More Importantly - It's enabled Us to help a lot of other People all over the Country to complete thousands of additional profitable deals!

Many People spent more than $20,000 for Live Training Calls with
Jon Iannotti and became Extremely Successful Real Estate Investors.
​As a REACT Member You get these Weekly Training Calls FREE for Life!

The REACT Membership is a Lifetime Membership- it includes Live Training and Support as well as All future updates to our REACT Training, Methods, Strategies and Support.  And it includes the Lifetime Opportunity to Partner with the REACT Team on as many deals as You want for as long as You want! 

Bottom Line - This Low REACT Membership Fee is not a gimmick - we've always made our Real Money Flipping Houses.  Our #1 Goal is to help Our Members complete Deals as Fast as Possible - and through leveraging each other's strengths and efforts We can All Benefit.  This is Total Win-Win!

We spend a lot of time and energy working with our REACT Members to help them become Successful Real Estate Investors.  This is why we don't offer enticements like money back guarantees or refunds to people that are just curious.  With a Lifetime of Training and Live Support - We're looking for People that are Serious about working with Us - and Serious about the Success of Their Real Estate Business!

Jon and Stephanie, thank you both for all your help. We were confused and had more questions than answers about getting and or finishing a deal. Not only did you answer those questions, but helped us stick with a plan, stay focused, and most importantly to get our first check of $89,804.56.   Carlo R. & Edward A.

(Not everyone has this level of success, some people work harder than others)

Take Action and Call Us Now at 1-800-883-8599

“Do not conform to this world, but be transformed
by the renewing of your mind"  Romans 12:2

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